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This time i post in english, because this might be interesting for other netizens too. Because if you search for „glovepie“ and „midi“, you´ll find tons of wiimote-scripts, but scripts for „joypad to midi“ (or „joy to midi“) are really rare. So hopefully you find this page….

I wrote a govePIE-script which converts the data of a USB-Joypad into MIDIdata. So you can fire patterns in your sequencer-software by pressing the buttons and squirl filters and effekts with the 2 analog sticks. 🙂

All you need is glovepie (a freeware programmable input emulator), direct x8 (or higher) and a programm to route the midisignal inside your computer (e.g. midiox). Then run the script….

Here is a short describtion:

– ALL DATA send on midichannel 3

– 40 BUTTONS (4 Scenes a 10 Buttons)
– buttons send a single midinote when pressed* -ideal for fire patterns in Ableton LIVE
– scene selection: press and hold button 5 / 6 / 5+6 / none (left front)
– buttons: 1-4 (right top), 7-8 (right front), cooliehat (left top)
*(read scene comments for details)

– ANALOG STICKS got 2 modes (independent from the button scene selection):

– button 9 (left stick) or 10 (right stick) pressed*:
– x-axis (left-right) 0-127 (CC 99 / CC 20)
– y-axis (bottom-top) 0-127 (CC 100 / CC 21)
* if you release the button,the value holds the last position until pressed again

– normal (no button pressed):
– x-axis (left-right) 0-127 (CC 96 / CC 22)
– y-axis (middle-top) 0-127 * (CC 97 / CC 23)
– y-axis (middle-bottom) 0-127 * ** (CC 98 / CC 24)
* (done that way to get a defined zero at middle position)
**(this value tends to stuck… move stick slowely or even dont use it! damn bug)

This script might be quite complex, to get a huge output from the few buttons and analog sticks, but it is really easy to handle and ergonomic…. i played it the whole weekend and had so much fun, i even couldn´t stop it 😉
And – if you want to make some changes – the script is easily to edit….

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  2. Carlos sagt:

    greetings from Argentina I love your idea can you use a standard playstation controller instead of the joypad? thanks in advance you are a genious!!!

  3. chefkoch sagt:

    Thanks 🙂 greetings from Germany!
    a PS controller is also possible… but might need some changes in the glovepiescript. most of all original controllers are more expensive and need a adapter to connect (so USB gamepad is easier)

  4. Winko sagt:

    Like many others I was looking for an easy „how to“ about making music with my WiiMote, I couldn’t find it so I wrote my own. Check my website:



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